June 12, 2014
New Stock.

L - R: 9’4” Double Ender, 9’4” Howard Special, 9’0” Model T

The Howard Special is an epic longboard to compliment our best selling Howard Special Mini. It’s a slight tweak on a board that Donald used to ride in the early 60’s, but Donald and Devon made some modifications to align it more with some aspects of the types of boards Nat Young rode during the development stages leading up to the 1966 Australian design paradigm.

If you want a superb log for trimming and ripping a beautiful redirect then this is the board for you!

June 12, 2014
Custom 9’1” In The Pink to The Shop Next Door, Manly.

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April 21, 2014
Stock Scorpions.

L - R: 6’2”, 6’0”, 5’10”

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February 21, 2014
New stock for Torquay Surf.


L - R : 9’6” In The Pink, 6’8” Scorpion, 6’6” Scorpion, 6’4” Scorpion 2.

February 21, 2014
New boards for Mordy Surf.


L - R :  8’0” Scorpion, 7’6” Scorpion, 7’2” Scorpion, 7’0” Scorpion.


L - R : 9’4” NR-2, 9’2” In The Pink, 9’0” In The Pink.

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November 6, 2013
The Howard Special Mini.

The Howard Special Mini is a long time collaboration between Donald and Devon Howard. It is loosely based around Donald’s original tri-fin Egg, but the roll has been taken out of the nose and the rails have been modified to Devon’s specifications.

Designed to be ridden in everything from smaller beachies to pumping overhead reef breaks, the Howard Special Mini is a tried and tested design and one of our favourites here in Ausralia.

Devon had the following to say about the board in his Liquid Salt interview:

I have a 7’2” egg design that Donald Takayama calls the Howard Special Mini.   It’s a low rocker egg with a mid-volumed template. Not speedy, not bulbous like a mini-tanker. It has pinched rails and vee. Can be two-plus-one widowmaker, single or tri, making it super versatile. The perfect board.”

Available to order now.

August 8, 2013
Coloured Filler Coats.

These are nothing new but felt it was time to join the pack and belt a few out. Some of the colour combos we have been doing are insane.

Available on any of Donald’s designs.

Below is a 9’6” Double Ender and a 5’8” Humuhumunukunukuapua’a Fish.

May 8, 2013
2 new Balsa DT’s.

On the left is a solid balsa 9’5” Double Ender, super heavy and made for extreme glide and trim.

On the right is a balsa veneer, EPS core, epoxy laminated 9’5” In The Pink. 

May 8, 2013
2 new 9’10” Speed Shapes.

So when Donald was last in Australia, he made himself a superb looking 9’10” DT-1 for himself to surf in the Noosa Festival of Surfing. The board was absolute magic and he left it here with us when he left. Anyone who rode this thing knew that Donald was definitely onto something when saying this was his “everyday board”.

Not just for small stuff, this design at this sort of length lends itself to surfing anything, especially overhead waves.

These 2 came up looking phenomenal. DT would be stoked.

May 8, 2013
New Stock.

8’6” Opihi ^

9’5” DT Pig ^

9’6” Step Deck, 9’6” NR-2, 9’2” In The Pink ^

February 1, 2013
Tyler Warren Riding A Model T.

So after the sudden and very shocking passing of D.T. there were a few people who got the last custom boards he shaped before going to surf perfect lefts everyday up above.

Pickle was one such person, and shows us why both he and a Model T are a noseriding match made in heaven.


Video by Jon Arman.





February 1, 2013
Epic Quiver.

L - R : 9’4” NR-2, 9’2” Model T, 9’1” In The Pink

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February 1, 2013
Boards to Kirra Surf.

L - R : 9’4” Model T, 9’2” Double Ender, 9’1” In The Pink, 6’4” Quad Scorpion

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January 18, 2013
R.I.P. ‘Aussie’ Don


January 16, 2013
Boards for Ho’okupu, Byron Bay.

8’4” Opihi - 5’6” Humuhumunukunukuapua’a Fish

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